Craps ranks are one of the most entertaining casino games that you can ever play.

As it is a game of chance, bettors can’t influence the outcome, and craps cannot be played strategically.

When the shooter hands over the dice to you, get ready to send them off tumbling, and the bettors assembled will wait in anticipation. Everyone has their bets on different working, but if everyone bet on the Pass Line as most people do, they don’t want 7 to show up.

Fun Facts About Craps

When the main motive of this game is “fun,” let’s get on to the fun facts that make the game even more enjoyable and lively.

Rolling a pair of dice leads to 36 coordination.

Craps are played with two dice with six faces each. When they are rolled, the dices’ 11 final total possibilities are- 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

At first, the numbers might lead to many top rookies believing that each roll has 11 combinations that they can appear.

While having 11 total possible outcomes, a pair of dice can get 36 combinations.

Seven is like the number to appear, and two and twelve are unlikely to occur.

The pyramid is neatly constructed directly above the fact making it clear as Day. On the given roll, the number 7 is most likely to come up with the six combinations creating a chance of 16.67% of appearing.

But as said, only one unique combination makes 2 or 12 making it the most unlikely totals of craps, showing just 2.78% of the time.

11 is called “Yo-leven” or “Yo” by craps players

Craps is the most talkative casino game of all, with over a dozen players shouting their bet commands to the team of casino staff supervising the game.

In the game, both dealer and stickman will need to voice out to announce the point number and the rolls, creating a din that tells if the craps game is good or bad.

As “seven” and “eleven” sound similar as they are rhyming words, players who want to place the bet on the shooter, rolling an 11, shouts the slang saying “Yo-leven” instead.

No other number is rhymed to “Yo,” giving a distinctive quality phrase that will rise above the background noise.

Fun Facts About Craps

The “Yo” bet is the worst one of all the craps.

Out of 36 possibilities in dice combo, only two can combine to create an 11 in total.

The 36:2 ratio can be called 18:1 on the Yo-leven landing. The craps will offer a 15:1 payout on the bold bet.

Even the Hard 8 at 9.09% is a better bet, and only “Horns” are worse than Yo-leven. The horns are( 2, 3, 11, or 12) at 12.50%, 2 and 12 at 13.89%, and the 7 of any is at 16.67%.